Tinertia 2-Pack for Steam

Tinertia 2-Pack for Steam


2 Product Keys for Valve’s Steam Platform.

System Support

Windows, macOS and Linux.

Virtual Reality

Supports SteamVR - on Windows - with the Oculus or HTC-Vive family of headsets.

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An explosive action-platformer set on a dying planet. The main protagonist - WELDON - must climb a vast expanse of ruins and tackle deadly sentient machines if he hopes to survive.

Tinertia features a unique Twinstick Movement mechanic that lets the player rocket-jump and rapidly gain speed. The game’s 3D environments are stunning and intricate, especially in Virtual Reality, where players can truly immerse themselves in the world.


This digital purchase consists of 2 Steam Product Keys for Tinertia.

You will receive your keys by email, upon purchase.

The keys must be activated on Steam.

How to Share with Friends

To share a copy with a friend, simply give them one of the keys to activate on their Steam account.

Note that a key can only be activated once.


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