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Tinertia is headed to PSX

Tinertia is headed to PSX

A few weeks ago PlayStation invited us to take part in the PlayStation Experience 2014 in Las Vegas. We’re thrilled to be there, and be alongside a collection of amazing indie titles. Look for Tinertia at...

Pizza Pals checkout Tinertia

The Pizza Pals play Pac-Man Championship Edition DX and Tinertia! One has a longer title than a Street Fighter game, and the other is spelled like inertia but with a ‘t’! – PizzaPals.TV

TGN Previews Tinertia

Pallytime takes to Candescent Games’ skill demanding platformer, “Tinertia.” Seemingly inspired by Super Meat Boy, Tinertia adds a variety of camera angles and complex scenarios to a rocket-jumping, difficulty-elevating experience. Tinertia is available on...