Candescent Games, Inc. We're an Indie Game Studio in sunny Los Angeles, California.


Pizza Pals checkout Tinertia

The Pizza Pals play Pac-Man Championship Edition DX and Tinertia! One has a longer title than a Street Fighter game, and the other is spelled like inertia but with a ‘t’! – PizzaPals.TV

TGN Tinertia Preview

TGN Previews Tinertia

Pallytime takes to Candescent Games’ skill demanding platformer, “Tinertia.” Seemingly inspired by Super Meat Boy, Tinertia adds a variety of camera angles and complex scenarios to a rocket-jumping, difficulty-elevating experience. Tinertia is available on...

Slums World Mockup

Slums World Art Mock-up

Slums world is on it’s way! Here’s an early WIP screen of the Art Mockup process

Website is back up!

Website is back up!

Had some issues with our EC2 instance but it’s all resolved now :D