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Tinertia v2.0.0 and Beyond!

Fellow Tinertia Fans, We just launched Tinertia update v2.0.0 on Steam; We’ve been working hard on upgrading your rocket jumping experience and here’s what you’ll find in this update: Tinertia has been massively upgraded: This...


Tinertia Launch

66 Levels, 7 Bosses, lots of fist pumping victories We made it! It’s been just under two years since we built the first prototype of our rocket jumping platformer called Tinertia. Back then there was no Weldon,...


Tinertia Build vEA1.3.1

This release focuses on optimization and difficulty tuning for the first 4 Worlds. We’re getting great feedback from the Steam community, watching Tinertia streams, & demoing the game at expos. With that feedback we’ve...


Tinertia Update: Slums World & Replays

We’re pumped to bring you our latest and greatest levels yet, Slums World! This update features 9 levels, a fearsome boss battle, and unique platforming mechanics in a brand new environment. But that’s not all. We’ve also added...

PlayStation Experience 2014

The Indie Booth Checklist

Your first time setting up a booth at an expo can be quite overwhelming. However, once you get the hang of it, it’s really not that bad. Here’s a basic checklist of things you’ll need. Logistics Find out what...

Life On Tinertia

Weldon contemplates life on Tinertia

Just released Build EA1.2.1 This build was mostly about fixes; We tuned the Crapacitor Boss Battle, fixed some lingering UI bugs, and fixed minor issues with cloud saves. Enjoy and, as always, give us...

Toxic liquid is toxic

Build vEA1.2.0 is out with Cloud Saves!

Fixes  Art fixes in Sewers World Minor camera fixes in Mines Yolo leaderboards are now working Features Cloud Saves are in! To migrate your existing save data just booth up the game. **NOTE: If you...

Slums World Mockup

Slums World Art Mock-up

Slums world is on it’s way! Here’s an early WIP screen of the Art Mockup process