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Weldon contemplates life on Tinertia

Just released Build EA1.2.1 This build was mostly about fixes; We tuned the Crapacitor Boss Battle, fixed some lingering UI bugs, and fixed minor issues with cloud saves. Enjoy and, as always, give us...

Indie Kickstarters we love

3 Indie Game Kickstarters that could use your love. Inner Space Cole: A Game About Coal Beyond Human – Metroidvania

Build vEA1.2.0 is out with Cloud Saves!

Build vEA1.2.0 is out with Cloud Saves!

Fixes  Art fixes in Sewers World Minor camera fixes in Mines Yolo leaderboards are now working Features Cloud Saves are in! To migrate your existing save data just booth up the game. **NOTE: If you...

Pizza Pals checkout Tinertia

The Pizza Pals play Pac-Man Championship Edition DX and Tinertia! One has a longer title than a Street Fighter game, and the other is spelled like inertia but with a ‘t’! – PizzaPals.TV

TGN Previews Tinertia

Pallytime takes to Candescent Games’ skill demanding platformer, “Tinertia.” Seemingly inspired by Super Meat Boy, Tinertia adds a variety of camera angles and complex scenarios to a rocket-jumping, difficulty-elevating experience. Tinertia is available on...