About Us


About Us

Candescent Games, Inc. is a small Indie Game studio located in sunny Burbank, CA.

Vilas Tewari : Game Programmer & CEO

BA in Computer Science 2007 from Boston University. Started off as a 3D Technical Artist doing art pipeline scripting, rigging, and skinning. Transitioned to game systems and gameplay programming. Experience includes design & implementation of avatar customization systems, character physics & AI, writing shaders, motion capture rigging and transfer for game characters.

Paul Ferguson : Game Programmer

Dual BS in Physics and Computer Science 2007 from Rensselaer Polytechnic University. Started off as a gameplay and systems programmer for 3D virtual worlds built in Unity3D. Creative and technical lead for Dungeon Rampage a real time multiplayer action RPG on Facebook. Managed a team of twelve and a user base of 250,000 daily unique players.

Awesome people we work with

Section Studios

Section Studios is a multi-disciplinary media solutions company based out of Los Angeles, CA. They specialize in concept art, game development, VFX, web design and full service publishing.

Olivia Fel : Game Designer

BS in Computer Science Real-Time Interactive Simulation 2009 from DigiPen Institute of Technology. Content designer at ArenaNet on Guild Wars 2 for two and a half years, designing and scripting open world MMO content such as meta events Tequatl the Sunless and The Frozen Maw. Moved to Rebel Entertainment in 2012, designed and built new content and game systems for Dungeon Rampage and an unreleased strategy game titled Storm the Gates.

Jeff Swingle : Music Composer

BM in Music Composition 2008 from Biola University. Music composer for the TV show “The Black Dawn,” produced by New Renaissance Pictures, sound designer on the Assassins Creed Unity slots promotion, music composer for a TV commercial “Hawaii First.” Wrote the music for two unreleased games with indie studio Null Pointer Enterprises before moving to Candescent. Runs live sound for Ecclesia Hollywood. Vocals (baritone), piano and violin.