Tinertia v2.0.0 and Beyond!

Fellow Tinertia Fans,

We just launched Tinertia update v2.0.0 on Steam; We’ve been working hard on upgrading your rocket jumping experience and here’s what you’ll find in this update:

  • Tinertia has been massively upgraded: This means shiny new graphics, updated lighting, and better performance!
  • Better Physics: The new Physics has some key improvements for example: wall-sliding is much smoother, and shooting off of floors & ceilings will now be very consistent. This will lead to some faster speed-runs :D
  • We’ve tweaked some levels that spiked the difficulty curve in Worlds 2 & 3.
  • We’ve reset the leaderboards to allow people to compete with the new improved physics.
  • Our work on optimizing for consoles has made it to the PC version. This means better framerates with better graphics!
  • Tinertia now supports higher resolutions like 2k & 4k.
  • Major bug fixes for replays ( especially ARC boss ). Replays will now be very consistent with the play through.

Our next updates will add unlockable skins for getting time & par medals, and a new way to play Tinertia that’s very immersive ;)

To tide you over here’s a wallpaper created from a screenshot of v2.0, enjoy!


Tinertia Wallpaper 2560x1440px



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