Tinertia PC Launch

66 Levels, 7 Bosses, lots of fist pumping victories

We made it!

It’s been just under two years since we built the first prototype of our rocket jumping platformer called Tinertia.

Back then there was no Weldon, no boss battles, and no fancy textures; Just a grey prototype character rocket-jumping in a world of cubes. From that humble beginning we’re now thrilled to present players with a fully realized world filled with bossy robots, toxic liquids, explosions, and lava! Lots of lava.. :D

Our goal with Tinertia was to give players a brand new platforming experience; We hoped to create that feeling of mastery that only comes from picking up a new gameplay mechanic. And now we proudly release our creation to the Steam community.

The Guardian isn't happy you're riding his back.

The Guardian isn’t happy you’re riding his back.

Milestone to remember

This is a huge step forward for us at Candescent Games, Tinertia is our first indie title. But we’re not done yet. There’s more features to be added, console versions to port, and leaderboards to top. For the moment we’ll be hanging around the forums, jumping into streams, and generally yelling about Tinertia. Today, Sep 3rd 2015, is a milestone for us as indie developers!

Can you dig it?

Can you dig it?

Thank You

We didn’t accomplish this launch alone. We owe thanks to a lot of people and we’ll start with our devoted fans; They’re the pioneers who suffered through excruciatingly difficult levels, wonky physics, and graphics that started out like this. Every forum post, stream, let’s play, and conversation over beers helped us shape Tinertia into what it is today.

Thanks to our family and loved ones who supported us through development. Huge thanks to Section Studios for partnering with us to make Tinertia a reality. Thanks to Jeff Swingle for composing the badass soundtrack, and Richmond Felton & Joseph Isaacs for making sweet Trailers.

Happy Rocket Jumping!

– Candescent Games, Inc.



Game Programmer, 3D Artist, IndieDev, Founder of Candescent Games, & Ultimate Frisbee-er.

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