Update EA 1.4.4 Factory World, New #YOLO Mode and Leaderboard Wipe

Factory World

Get ready to dodge bullets, slip through crushing pistons, and float through anti-gravity in our new world: The Factory. Players will need to keep their speed up and their aim true as they race the B0tsmith through an explosive finale.

New #YOLO Mode

Our ultimate mode has evolved into a single life Boss Rush mode. Face all the mighty bosses of Tinertia with one life. Defeat the whole set and earn the title of rocket jumping master. #YOLO mode was originally created to be an awesome challenge for experts to sink their teeth into. The previous incarnation didn’t quite have the hook we were looking for. This new mode is more action packed and should lead to brutal leaderboard dogfights.


We released Tinertia in Early Access to make sure the difficulty matched the learning curve for our unique control scheme. Over the past year thousands of players have rocketed their way through our worlds giving us immense amounts of feedback. These Tinertia pioneers have been helped us smooth out tutorials, reduce rage, and most importantly, increase fun.

When the levels change the current scores become outdated both in terms of time and the replay. Due to this we will removing all the scores from the leaderboards. As we march ever closer to the full release we will continue to tune the levels. As levels change will wipe the affected leaderboards. Doing so will ensure the best game possible, and allow features like ghost and replays to work.


As always, thanks for playing and stay tuned for more updates as circle in on a release date.



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