Tinertia Update: Slums World & Replays

We’re pumped to bring you our latest and greatest levels yet, Slums World! This update features 9 levels, a fearsome boss battle, and unique platforming mechanics in a brand new environment. But that’s not all. We’ve also added the first iteration of Replays. Boot it up on Steam and let us know what you think.


Welcome to Slums

Rocket your way through a dilapidated Slum city where falling debris and unstable platforms threaten Weldon’s journey. You’ll need to stay light on your feet and get creative with your rockets to escape this World.


Pull over and DIE

Pull over and DIE

The peacekeeper of Slums World is the ARC’s flying death helper drone RAMROD. RAMROD is armed with non-lethal dispersal bombs and tactical safety missiles designed to keep slum dwellers comfortably suppressed organized. It now patrols the skies keeping watch for unwanted guests.

Replay System

Replay System Rev1

Replay System Rev1

The first iteration of our replay system is now available! Capture your illest moves or watch Weldon suffer in slow-mo. You can watch a Replay after death, completing a level, or on completing a speed-run. We have plenty more replay features to come.

Expect to see subsequent worlds release quickly on the heels of the Slums as we work full steam on finishing Tinertia!



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