The Indie Booth Checklist

Your first time setting up a booth at an expo can be quite overwhelming. However, once you get the hang of it, it’s really not that bad. Here’s a basic checklist of things you’ll need.


  • Find out what is provided with your booth. Most booths come with a table, a chair, and power outlets.
  • Find out where you’ll get your exhibitor badges. You’ll need them to access the expo floor and setup your booth.
  • Find out setup times / days. You usually get 1 day before the show to setup your booth.
  • Find out teardown times / days. Teardown might be on the last day itself, or the next day or two.
  • Find out the power consumption rating for the booth. Based on your setup / hardware you may need to buy more power.
  • Expo spaces have rules regarding what items can be hand-carried on to the show floor. Certain large items might have to be shipped directly to your booth ( using the expo’s vendor ).
  • Find out what path you’ll need to take to bring items to your booth.
  • Make sure to book flights & hotels in advance. Most Expos have deals with local hotels for exhibitors.



  • 4 Surge protectors with > 5 outlets and > 2ft of cord.
  • Cable ties of various lengths.
  • 1 50ft Power extension cord.
  • 1 20ft Power extension cord.
  • 2 10ft Power extension cord.
  • 1 50ft Ethernet Cable.
  • 2 20ft Ethernet Cable.
  • 2 10ft Male to Male stereo audio cable.
  • 3 Large pieces of black cloth to cover table / surfaces.
  • 1 or more Wireless keyboard – mouse combo ( link ).
  • 2 or more USB pen drives > 3GB.
  • 2 Pairs of scissors.
  • Screwdriver set.
  • Rolls of Duct Tape, Gaffers Tape, Double sided tape.
  • 1 or more large lockable case to keep all of the above in.


TVs & Monitors

In some cases these might be provided for you. However if they are not, here’s some options:
  • You can rent TVs and Monitors from a local Rent-A-Center. Find out if they can deliver and pickup the items at the expo.
  • If you want to use your own equipment you can bring it along and hand-carry it to your booth ( check the hand-carry policy of the expo space ). Or you could have items shipped to & from the expo.
  • Another option is to buy TVs & Monitors from a major retail chain and return them when the expo is over ( I personally prefer not to do this ).



  • Make sure to get a copy of the press list from the expo.
  • Email / contact press at least 3 – 4 weeks prior to the show ( the sooner the better ). This will give them time to schedule a booth visit.
  • Try to have a demo-station or a small space carved out for meeting with press at the booth.
  • Try to have some review codes / copies or swag ready to hand out to press.



  • Hand sanitizer.
  • Bottles of water.
  • Throat lozenges ( because you’ll be talking loudly all day ).
  • Microfiber cloths to clean screens / devices.


Game Programmer, 3D Artist, IndieDev, Founder of Candescent Games, & Ultimate Frisbee-er.

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